Share the Plate: Homeward Alliance

February 2019 – The Share the Plate offering was for Homeward Alliance’s Outreach Program. Homeward Alliance was started in 2008 as Homeless Gear in Ken Johns’ garage. Then over the years it morphed!

“Homeward Alliance operates a continuum of programs and initiatives, ranging from critical survival gear, to employment services, to homelessness prevention. We are not only an alliance of services, but also an alliance of volunteers, donors, agency partners and other community stakeholders. We envision a community in which homelessness is rare, short-lived and non-recurring.”

This month Foothills donated $3879.72 to help Homeward Alliance’s Street Outreach Program: “Three nights per week (cold months) and two nights per week (warm months), we send volunteers and staff onto the streets of Fort Collins to engage directly with people experiencing homelessness. We distribute supplies, share resource information, build relationships and help connect people to other services in the community.”

OF SPECIAL NOTE: Last year we collected money for another branch of Homeward Alliance, One Village One Family. As of today, our work for OVOF has generated the following statistics:

Families supported and housed since June 2015 = 13 (3 in 2019)

Two Villages are ready to go. NEWSFLASH: both new villages are now assigned families – launched!

Total children housed = 43 (6 in 2019)

Total adults housed = 17; includes one multigenerational family (60% of children are from minority groups (Latino/Hispanic, Black, Other)

Kudos to Gretchen for bringing us this program and for enlisting Anne Fisher in a Leadership role – Anne has taken it and run with it! Thank you, Anne

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