Space Chronicles Vol. 4

We Have Liftoff!!

The Space Team was excited to announce the selection of Ewers Architecture at the Congregational meeting on September 30th. A little about Ewers Architecture for those who were unable to make the meeting: Peter Ewers is the owner of this dynamic firm and will be the lead architect on our project. Ewers is known for their work in sustainable design. The Space Team felt that they approached work in a way that is in line with our values and demonstrated creativity and flexibility.

Peter and his colleague Ann Ormsby were on hand to give us an introduction to the firm and themselves and to answer questions. They even presented us with 10 possibilities they are considering for our project, all of them intriguing. Their personal style with the congregation spoke volumes about what we can expect going forward. We will be seeing a lot of them in the future.

In this time before the new year, Ewers will be working at getting to know us. Peter will attend as many of the visioning sessions as possible, meet with staff and the space committee and attend some church events. From his presentation, it was clear that Peter has already invested considerable time in attending a church service and doing some impressive research into what it means to be a UU.

In January you will have the opportunity to attend charrettes. Many (most?) of you who attended the meeting did not recognize this term. Charrettes are group design sessions intended to gather information about the priorities and values we want represented in our building. The charrettes shown in Peter’s presentation looked like a lot of fun, and there are a lot of us with ideas to share.

Scroll down for a timeline showing the major activities that will be taking place in the next year. Construction will begin sometime in 2020.

Looking Back to September

The Space Team presented the architect selection to the board and developed a general timeline for the next year. Time was also spent organizing information to be presented at the congregational meeting.

Looking Ahead to October

The team will take a breath. Planning for the coming year, identifying processes, communication paths and needed committees will be the focus for the next month.

The Space Team is Karen Johnese, Peg MacMorris, Chris Bettlach, Margaret Cottam and Jerry Hanley. Meetings are held in the RE building (usually in room 22) on Tuesday from 1-3 pm. Visitors are welcome. If you have a topic you would like to present to the committee, please contact Karen ahead of time so it can be added to the agenda.
Questions and ideas? Email us or visit us on the Foothills website.


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