Foothills Space Team

Our church is growing and changing and our building needs to as well. The Space Team consists of members of the congregation working to realize our vision to renovate our physical space.

A brief history of the space conversation at
Foothills shows us that the issue of space is
not a new problem.

We find ourselves today in a period of unprecedented growth, and our space is limiting our ability to live out our mission. We are on a multi-year journey, understanding our history, evaluating our space needs, and looking toward the future. There will be many opportunities to get involved along the way!


Request For Proposals (7/29/18)
We have created a Request for Proposals (RFP) which has been sent to local architectural firms. You can view the Foothills UU Architect RFP here.
Annual Meeting Presentation (6/3/18)
The Space Committee presented a comprehensive report of our work on June 3, 2018 at the Annual Meeting and officially recommended that we stay on our current site and expand our existing space to meet our needs.

Space Committee Update to Congregation: Download the full powerpoint presentation from the annual meeting for a summary of our work with the architects and planners who have helped us assess our needs and evaluate our property.

Foothills Unitarian Church – Programming Report: This report, provided by Infusion Architects, compiles their extensive study of our space. The report includes their evaluation of the parking lot, lobby/foyer, sanctuary, social hall, kitchen, RE building, and offices. Each section lists input from church members and staff, analysis, and conclusions. Included in this report are also social justice and environmental considerations.

Area Analysis: This chart provides data for an Expansion/Remodel Scenario and details the amount of additional space needed to expand to our desired occupancy.

Location Decision Criteria: This ExCEL spreadsheet breaks down the location decision criteria used to determine if we should stay in our current location or move to a new one.

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Foothills Unitarian Church moved to current location from Old Town. Membership was approximately 100.


Membership grew to 250.


Membership increased to 475. Expansion of current church was only able to accomplish 50% of what was needed.


Space exploration  committee concluded that additional space was needed. Recession prevented action at this time.


Membership exceeded 600. Space committee recommended waiting to pursue expansion until after a new Senior Minister was installed.


New space committee formed as number of members and friends reaches 900!

Evaluation of Our Spaces

If we think about our mission to unleash to unleash courageous love in Northern Colorado and beyond, our currrent space constrains our ability to live out that mission.
Without the chairs set up, it’s easy to see how a larger sanctuary would help us with many activities.
We aspire to have a sanctuary where everyone feels welcome and no one feels lost in the crowd!
During many special events, workshops, and classes, the Social Hall is filled to the brim!
We need an extra 40-50 seats each time the choir performs.

Service Times

We currently have three services  to alleviate our space  constraints, inhibiting  interaction among members,  and severely straining staff.

RE Space

Average Sunday RE attendance is  100 to 150 youth, crowded into classrooms built for half this number. The current hallways are narrow and unsafe.


Our 96 parking spaces only accomodate about 200 people. Expanding parking would require eliminating all our green space.

Event Space

Foothills has 51 groups competing  for meeting space. It is  difficult to accommodate our  own groups, let alone opening up to outside groups.


Our current sanctuary can seat 159 people (plus 50 including the social hall). We have over 900 members and friends!

Social Hall

Social time on Sunday severely  constrained by proximity of  social hall to sanctuary.

Urgent Space Needs

Larger Sanctuary

A larger sanctuary would allow us to return to two services and to create a more welcoming experience to visitors joining us for the
first time. Research and our own data tell us that once the sanctuary is 80% full, visitors feel it is too crowded and that there is no room for them.


Significantly expanding our foyer would eliminate the current bottleneck, improving flow and making visitors’  initial foray into our space more welcoming.


Expanding office space  would provide enough room for the entire Foothills staff to work efficiently as a group.

RE Space

Expanding the width of the hallways, adding a greeting area, and classroom enhancements would make the space safer and more welcoming.

Social Hall

Creating a larger social  hall that is more easily separated from the  sanctuary would increaseour ability to have concurrent events. Our space is too small for mid-sized events, like a political town hall. We can no longer be generous, especially to outside groups, with our space.