Life/Changing: Fall Series Invitation

After experiencing so many changes, we are ready to slow down, and settle in. Regain a sense of predictability, and routine. We are not wired for so much in-between. And yet the world keeps turning.

We face threshold upon threshold. Relationships end. Our bodies change. And so many more changes of our lives remain hidden, and isolating. We start to wonder if we are doing it all wrong, if we are the problem.  When really, change comes for us all. It disrupts us, and shakes us free. Free from our illusions of clarity, or control. This knowing is a liberation, where we can be liberated into possibility, imagination, and opportunity. Connection, and healing. Empathy, and mutual support. As we realize, we cross these thresholds together.

Change is our one common constancy where we can create new futures together. Carrying forward the wisdom, skills, and experience from all the places and people we have been before. In these changes we are strong, we are growing, we are new, we are wise, and we are human. Dependent, and depended upon. Changing and being changed. Already enough.

This fall, meet life in all its changes with trust, and joy. 

This fall, join us for our series, Life/Changing. 

Join us this Sunday, September 18, for week one of Life/Changing: The Doorway Effect. We will explore the phenomenon of how humans forget things as they move through a doorway. This forgetfulness as we pass through a threshold is often how we experience changes in general. But we don’t have to. We can carry forward wisdom from every part of our past selves individually and collectively. Change is not just a place of loss, it’s also a place of joy and abundance.

Join us in person at the church at 8:30 or 10 AM (No registration necessary. Kids programs are offered during the 10 AM in person service.) 


Join us online at 10 AM.

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