Flower Communion 2022: More Than You Know

Every person contains contradictions and complexities beyond what you might ever imagine. Even you. There are parts of ourselves that lay dormant or emerge at different stages of our lives and can come as a big surprise when they do. One of the gifts of a diverse, multi-generational community is that through relationship we can better see and know the fullness of our own stories and the fullness in others.
This idea is the celebration at the heart of our annual Flower Communion ceremony. Norbert Capek started the Unitarian ritual of Flower Communion to help his Unitarian Czechoslovakian congregation celebrate the diversity in their community. In 1923, Rev. Maya Capek, Norbert’s widow, introduced Flower Communion to the United States. It is an especially fitting ritual for this year as it was created in the shadow of war and Norbert’s own story, which tragically ended when he was killed at Dachau for his Unitarian beliefs.

Join us this Sunday, June 5, as we kick off our Humans of Foothills series with our annual Flower Communion! This year’s Flower Communion theme is More Than You Know.

Details for In-Person Flower Communion 
We will gather at 9 AM at the church for our first flower communion ceremony in our sanctuary since June 2019! 

Please bring a flower cut from your garden, collected from wildflowers, or bought at the store. You will go home with a flower from someone else.

All ages will stay for the service the whole time, although nursery care will be available for kids four and under.

*If you have already registered for summer or if you attended an in person service in May, you do not need to register again.

Details for Online Flower Communion 
We will also gather at 9 AM on Zoom for online Flower Communion ritual! You can also watch a broadcast of our Flower Communion service at 11 AMPlease have a flower next to you during the service.

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