$400, 3 States, and Fuzzy Slippers (To Love What is Mortal: week 2)


Another week of sheltering-in-place has passed. How are you doing?

I’ve realized that in a given day my answer often includes nearly every feeling word I know. From scared to angry to wonder to anguish to blah. Sometimes all at once.

Whether you’re feeling all the feelings, or a numbness of feeling – it’s all ok. And enough. You are enough.

The snowfall helps make sheltering in place feel more like “normal” times. Except, like I said last Sunday, this isn’t normal time.

I mean, after all this snow, in normal times, we’d usually be preparing for a big bill from our landscapers (about $400 a Sunday to clear our parking lot!). We’d also be thinking about how we’d get our pulpit guests from the airport – Rev. Joe Cherry is scheduled to join us this Sunday from Cleveland! And we’d be deciding if our friends from the UU Church of Ogden could safely make it over the pass (they too will be joining us this Sunday). And, I’d be packing an extra pair of shoes into my car – as snow boots aren’t usually the gear I want to wear on the chancel.

But this Sunday, we’ll skip the $400 expense.  And Rev. Joe will join us without any driving at all, as will his congregation, as well as the UU church in Ogden – we’ll worship with ease across 3 states!  And, as with every Sunday for the last 6 weeks, I’ll be wearing my fuzzy slippers the whole time!

So much is shifting around us. It’s why it feels so good to be able to keep connecting with all of you each Sunday. It is a way to stay grounded, a way to stay oriented to time as it passes, and a way to weave together all of the feelings.

This Sunday we’re continuing our series To Love What is Mortal by delving into the lessons from the earth’s cycles of life and death and rebirth. 9:00 MT on Zoom.  11:00 MT on Facebook, Roku and foothillsuu.org/livestream. See you there.

With love,
Rev. Gretchen


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