The Return of the Paper Newsletter

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s been about 5 years since we last had a monthly paper newsletter at Foothills (what was then called The Intercom).  At the time, there was a sense that people weren’t really reading the (longish) newsletter, and it was A LOT of effort (and postage) to produce it each month.  Since then, we’ve tried all sorts of ideas to get information out, some more and many less successful.

Since I returned from sabbatical, and maybe especially as a result of feedback we’ve gotten in the capital campaign visits, I’ve been feeling that there is a real desire among some Foothills members to have more direct access to more “news” about all that’s going on at Foothills.  Things like, what’s the Board working on? Or, what are the state of our finances? Or, what’s going on in family ministry? Or, with newcomers? Things that used to be covered in the Intercom!

We’ve also heard from many that it would be nice to have this sort of news available on paper, maybe even delivered to your mailbox!

Like I said, not everyone wants this sort of information, but for those of you that do, we want to provide it.  We value transparency, and deeply appreciate the underlying desire for greater ownership and partnership in our shared work.

As a result, I’m so happy to announce the return of a paper newsletter for Foothills. It will be a bi-monthly (sent out in the even-numbered months) by-paper-mail publication, geared towards members and extremely involved friends.  

And, it will be by-subscription only.  Subscriptions are free, of course, but the idea is that we are sending it out to those who truly want this information, and read it.  We’ll ask you to renew annually so that we can keep the list accurate.

We’ll also have copies available on Sundays, and there will be a PDF link at the bottom of our weekly emails, and a PDF link on the website if you prefer to have it electronically.  No subscription necessary in this case.

We’ve decided that this bi-monthly printed publication should be what we call our Communicator. That was the title of Foothills’ paper newsletter of the past (before the Intercom), and is a more-fitting title for what we’re trying to accomplish than what we offer in the Weekly email (which will need a new name…we’re leaning towards “The Weekly” unless we come up with something better soon!).

The new Communicator will be news-oriented, not promotion oriented.  For promotions of events and programs, we’ll keep with our current system.  This is just the beginning of some shifts we’re making in communications this year as we try to grow our transparency and clarity, and provide the information to the people who really want it.

So….if you would like to receive our new Communicator, we ask you to subscribe by filling out this form.  The first issue will be mailed around February 22nd, so look for it by the end of February in your mail box.  

Let me know your questions, and thank you so much for all the ways you show up for and with the Foothills community!

– Rev. Gretchen[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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