3 Ways to Be In-Time This December (Slow Down: week 1)

To help us all stay a little more “in time” this season, I want to offer just a few follow ups to Sunday – in these days of often overwhelming days of advent, and December, and wintertime – experiment with these ideas as ways of feeling more connected, more present, and more aligned with the invitation of this season to slow down….

  1. Do a little.  You know that big thing you’ve been postponing but that you need and/or want to do? Do just a tiny bit of it.  Starting something at all engages the Zieigarnik Effect and your brain’s desire to finish it, and will enhance your natural motivation to keep at it. 
  2. Don’t do everything.  It turns out that just 20% of the things we do end up having 80% of the impact.  So, brainstorm all the things you could do to move forward on some bigger project or goal then pick the 20% of things that you think will have the most impact.  Skip the rest. Engage in nonconsumptive, nonproductive delight as Ross Gay encouraged in our reading on Sunday.
  3. Slow Down.  While rushing through a massive to-do list keeps our lives in the anxious place of the short-term memory, slowing down and breaking up larger goals into smaller pieces with lots of breaks in between – moves our experience of these things into our long-term memory. 

This Sunday is one of the best Sundays all year at Foothills – our holiday Music Sunday – not to be missed. Christopher Watkins Lamb will be reflecting on how music helps us feel “in time.” Can’t wait to celebrate with you this Sunday – 8:30, 10, or 11:30.

In partnership,
Rev. Gretchen

Notes from Slow Down: Week 1 – Lose Your To Do List
Listen to the message

Most of Ross Gay’s essay, “Loitering” can be found in his interview with Krista Tippett
The whole text is in his book The Book of Delights
Here’s the Carrie Mae Weems photograph Ross Gay references in his essay

We sang our new theme song Will Carry On
Deep Water Singers sang The Fray’s Be Still

Kristen led us through a Grounding Meditation in the 11:30
All services kicked off our invitation to Coloring as a spiritual practice this series

For a wonderful engagement with Advent, check out Jan Richardson’s The Advent Door
Here’s just one overview of the fascinating Zeigarnik Effect – and here’s one more

This invitation of this season is to mark time with intention – in a way that connects when we are with who we are.

Unfinished business is a reality of life, and even a sign of a good life – as any work worth doing cannot be achieved in a single lifetime. 

What is the work that is worthy of spending the rest of your life leaving unfinished?

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