Why haven’t you come to my door? (Disciplined: Week 2)

Why haven’t you come to my door?

This was the question our presenter asked the group of us religious professionals gathered to learn about Unitarian Universalist worship. 

She was a stranger to us, mostly, other than her name in the program. And that was the point. 

She had spent much of the last few years of her life caught in illness that kept her unable to leave home. Over the months she had answered the door many times to fundamentalist religious folks. She said they brought kindness, connection…and destructive theology. 

She looked at all of us and asked – where are the Unitarian Universalists?Why haven’t you come to my door? Don’t you know that you have a message worthy of knocking on doors about? A message that people need? That would save lives?

I’m guessing you, like those of us in the room that day, get a little or a lot nervous at this idea.  Like….going door to door to share about our church and our good news with strangers!??!!  That is not what UUs do!

But! This question from our presenter made me realize the ways we can cheat ourselves and our communities just because we want to be clear we aren’t that sort of religion.  And the potentially huge impact that progressive religion could and should have on us as individuals, and for our world – if only we decided to free ourselves from worrying about looking too churchy.  If instead of fear or reactivity about some of these practices, we held a posture of curiosity, openness, and courage. To try, and to explore.

Which brings us to this month’s theme – and especially our invitation to collective practices. Because there’s all kinds of stuff we’ve invited that might bring up some of those same feelings we had when our presenter made us think about knocking on strangers’ doors. 

Prayer beads. Table Blessings. Weekly Fast. 

And then, lean in to that discomfort as a potential opportunity for something more. Something more meaningful, powerful, communal.  Maybe at the end of this month you set it all aside and realize it wasn’t a good fit, just as you thought. Or, maybe you’ll decide to keep at it a little longer. The Unitarian Universalist practice we commit to in our principles is only to keep exploring, and to keep growing. To keep becoming – our whole lives – more and more connected, more fully alive. 

Speaking of potentially triggering ideas….this Sunday Sean’s talking about sacrifice. I invite your curiosity! Let’s see what’s there for us to learn, to grow, to become – together. 

I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 8:30, 10, or 11:30.

In partnership, Rev. Gretchen

Notes from Disciplined: Week 2: Samhain / All Souls 

Listen to the message 


Divisionary (Do the Right Thing) by Ages and Ages (in the 11:30 we mixed this with our Meditation on Breathing)

Breaths – we listed this song as written by Ysaye Barnwell but actually it’s based on this poem by Sengalese poet Birago Diop


Are you carrying grief this season? Be sure to connect with our seasonal grief group, Tangled Blessings that begins Nov 12thMore info here.  

Curious about a move away from direct Dia de los Muertos service in recent years? Check out this video conversation that engages this question and other big from some of today’s wisest leaders in Unitarian Universalist worship

More info about the growing interest in genealogy


Share in a collective practice using our Disciplined Practice Guide.  

If you haven’t yet, pick up your prayer beads some time this week or next Sunday.

In our 11:30, we experienced our Prayer Bead practice together, which you can find on page 3 of the Guide or in this audio recording.  

Text COMMIT to 970-00 to be a part of our tips and reminders throughout the series

In our 10 & 11:30 we shared this blessing from Natalie Fenimore. Learn more about the dance company featured in our 10 and 11:30 services here.

Remember Our ancestors are with us as guides and as sources of comfort and courage – and their wisdom is accessible especially through our feelings, and our bodies. What ancient wisdom are you receiving in your heart, and in your body that can guide you and strengthen you in your life today?

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