In Your Words, Continued….

Our second weekly sharing of highlights of courageous love as experienced at Foothills and wishes for our congregation in the future

These are a handful of highlights and wishes that appeared with significant frequency in the data we collected from 22 visioning workshops with more than 350 participants.

Courageous love as we experienced it at Foothills:

  • The sanctuary experience (offering sanctuary in our building to a mother targeted for deportation) turning individual helplessness through communal response into hopeful action.
  • Food bank – working together as a community to help others and participating as a family.
  • Broken window (vandalism) at the Islamic Center – people gathered right away to support and show love, came together in a peaceful group, an interfaith group. Acting out our values along with other religious groups.

Our wishes for the current and future Foothills congregation:

  • Foothills to have a huge presence and outreach, becoming the go-to place/hub for social justice.
  • We are a catalyst for transformation of hate and fear based on differences of all kinds, for Northern Colorado and beyond.
  • We are the leader for connecting UUs and allies around the world to be a power broker for good.

In faith and love,

Sue Sullivan
Board Secretary

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