The Nature of Being

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Dear ones:


It is the time of year where being outside feels like sanctuary. When the trails call to us, and the rivers, and the garden. Even our new building can’t compare to the wisdom, healing, and renewal of the natural world (although our big windows looking out on the foothills do help!).

This has been a tension for Unitarian Universalists for a long time – from Transcendentalists to Pagans to Religious Naturalists – how to bring the spirituality we find in the natural world into the church. Church, as in the building, and also the institution.

Engaging this tension is at the heart of the Wild Church movement, which we have taken as a jumping off point for our new series, The Nature of Being, which starts this Sunday at 10 am (online and in person) and runs through most of June.

In these days where disconnection drags on us all – disconnection from ourselves, from one another, from a deeper sense of truth and love, let’s reconnect with our true nature. And most of all, let’s re-integrate our inside and outside spiritualities. Remembering that nature is not outside of us, and holiness is everywhere. With love, Rev. Gretchen


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