The Building Bulletin: September 2022

We are seeing a lot of changes on the construction site every day. To make it easier for you to see what’s going on, we’ve asked the contractor to take down the fence covering next to the patio and sanctuary. There is also one accessible window on the upper floor of the education building that gives a good view. 

To get an even closer view, the construction buffs among you can sign up for a supervised visit behind the fence. You’ll have a chance to talk to Quentin (the site superintendent) and see things up close. These will be held at 9:30 on the first Friday of each month, starting on October 7. The groups will be limited to 10 people. Wear closed-toe shoes; hard hats and vests will be provided. Registration is required. Sign up here.

And, about seeing things up close, remember that this is an active construction site and can be dangerous. Please do not try to climb the fence or access the area behind the fence. In our weekly meetings with the contractor, SAFETY is always the first topic on the agenda, and there have been some concerns. 
Please be careful and supervise any children under your care.

The biggest observable progress right now is the huge hole being dug for the basement and foundation of the new sanctuary. The dirt being removed is good dirt and will be delivered to other work sites that can use it for fill. We will be able to use it for our own fill needs later, saving a bit of money.  We were told it would take 100 dump trucks to relocate all of the dirt. The hole is almost complete; a little more work on the Drake Street end is all that remains. The area has been staked out for the next step, pouring the footings. 

Other projects that have been completed are the removal of the breezeway between the Main and Education buildings, removal of the siding from the wall of the education building, and removal of the fireplace. We’ve heard many positive reactions to the removal of the breezeway.

We are expecting that the recent asbestos removal project will be the last one in this phase of the project. The remediation has been disruptive to our staff and to our ability to use the building, so we are glad to see it completed.

One of the many reasons we chose Pinkard as our contractor was their commitment to recycling. Not only are we reusing the dirt, but even the cement rubble with rebar in it will be recycled. We are glad to see the commitment to recycling in action!

In partnership and with excitement,

The Building Expansion Team
Chris Bettlach, Jerry Hanley, Peg MacMorris, and Margaret Cottam

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