At the Crossroads….

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last week we asked you, “This moment represents a crossroads. How would you name these crossroads for yourself personally? What personal commitments or values ground you?”

Here are your responses:


  • Are we there yet?
  • Family grounds me, always.
  • At A Crossroads, Contemplating The Year Ahead … [😁In my typically verbose fashion …]

I see myself at crossroads centered on CARING and defined through a a prioritization of sorts — distributed over 3 dimensions  that will serve to guide & ground me in making choices on how I expend limited personal resources in terms of thought, words (both spoken & written), and actions.

#1 – SELF CARE: especially prioritizing care of my health (physical & mental, followed by care of creative & spiritual aspects of self (over always putting needs of others first)

#2 – CARE OF RELATIONSHIPS finding ways to decide upon & accept trade-offs necessary to facilitate focus on self care while MAINTAINING solid relationships with my husband, son & parents; FORGING a new relationship with “daughter 2.0“ (a newly minted — by her choice — single, working mom exploring new possibilities, in the context of a pandemic) where we each accept & respect the reality of much greater differences between our values & priorities than ever existed before; and, as/if the above permits, RECLAIMING & nurturing old friendships & extended family relationships.

CARE OF COUNTRY & COMMUNITY: identify how much (given the above priorities) and in what ways (regardless of the results of the November 3rd election) I can support & nurture a reclaiming of the best of American democracy thus far(on federal, state, & local levels) and, building upon that, make constructive contributions (no matter how small the impacts I am able to make directly, or indirectly by supporting the efforts of others towards both micro & macro level impacts) resulting in a legacy I am proud to pass on in the form of a better world, nation, and communities, as well as a positive sense of identity, confidence, and self-worth  for my grandchildren, and all the children of their generation.

  • At this moment crossroads are very challenging. My grounding is coming from my practices of tapping and meditating after a lengthy recovery from my knee surgery have started my workouts. And I have had my creative sources in overdrive. I have redone so many walls in my home. All centered around a different theme with quotes of inspiration in each
  • Before Biden and after Biden. Keeping my grandchildren daily
  • Caring for my family, painting, my participation in Foothills groups. Breathing. Praying. I could fall into depression, but I won’t. We are being asked to handle more than is reasonable but less than what could be so I just keep on keepin’ on.
  • Crossroads between gratitude or despair. Prayer and finding ways for our family to connect and feel joyful
  • Crossroads: Recovering from major back surgery and realizing that quality of life post surgery, though greatly improved, the surgery will place some physical restrictions on what was previously a very physically active life.
  • “For myself, I was just thinking about this the other day. When you can’t celebrate things (birthdays, Halloween, etc) like you always have, how do you find a new way? What is Christmas without Christmas Eve service at Foothills?! Thanksgiving is easy- turkey and football at home. Ready for that. What really matters about the holidays and how do you now find new specialness simply by being at home?
  • I value my family above everything else. They ground me and keep me moving forward through all this
  • Goals, Reality, Perseverance
  • Breath-work and good night’s sleep help keep me grounded.
  • I am always in transition… oddly enough I am quite settled now.
  • I am beyond stressed, depressed, angry, and feeling hopeless that women’s rights…the very control of her own physical body… rights we fought for, marched for, sat in the halls of power for, lobbied for, voted for, challenged our parents’ and preachers’ authority for… all of that effort and more through the 1960s and 70s is lost. At 71 years old, I am shocked and horrified that women are losing the most BASIC of human rights. And why was it lost?! Because we were complacent. Year after year, we saw our rights being chipped away and we did nothing to challenge it. Now, we’re seeing the results and I’m angry. The values that ground me today matured during my teens in the 1960s context of civil rights, women’s rights and environmentalism.
  • I am not sure how to name these crossroads. I feel the crossroads intersection, or the next one, is in the distance and I cannot quite see it yet. I would need to reach the intersection and look down each way to hopefully know which way they are going, hence its name. I would say that at the last crossroads I turned down the way entitled family and friends.
  • Connection to family and friends is what grounds me.
  • I feel that I came to a crossroad early this year and decided that I will commit to Foothills. And now Wellspring.  I am really enjoying reading Parker Palmer.  And reading about the Enneagram.  This has given me much insight about ‘why’s’ I have done many of the things I have done.  And some solutions, which I am implementing.
  • I joined Wellspring this year to help create a crossroads toward wholeness and spirituality.
  • I would name these times as a choice between fear, scarcity, and hopelessness versus courageous love and hope. I want to embody the latter.  I really do. And, it is hard.
  • I’m just trudging alone within the constraints. The hardest thing is not spending time with family and friends Knitting, reading, working puzzles learning Spanish on the computer. Watching birds at the feeder.
  • I’ve been sure to spend ample time outside and have quality time with my family. We turn off the news and tv and try to relax. The fires add to our sadness so we try to find getaways that take us further away from the smoke and ash. It’s been helping so far.
  • Lou said “I have to realize my health limits and learn to live within them. And live in the Now.” I agree.
  • My faith & family keep me grounded
  • Name the crossroads? That’s too big of a question right now. Values that ground me? “Have Courage and Be Kind“
  • Nothing like asking big questions to answer in a box. Crossroads: Reckoning with my complicity with white supremacy. Values: Forgiveness and Mercy. Ugh so hard.
  • Our church. It is the biggest source of support and guidance. Without it I would crumble. All 3 ministers bring light and stability to my life. My commitment to the church grounds me. My value of dauntless resolution guides me.
  • Personal Commitments: Love, Family, peace, communication, collaboration, compromise, tolerance for diversity, active listening, thinking before acting
  • Regarding the election, I’d say relief is one way, endurance is the other. Personally committed to finding joy and humor in our daily lives, and providing support to others. My values of peace and security help guide my commitments.
  • Safety and uncertainty
  • Sensitivity to problems of all people.
  • Short-term family at corner of long-term civilization.
  • The ongoing isolation is forcing me to look deeper within myself. Working through faith to improve.


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