Sermon: “How can we see no stranger?” from Rev. Gretchen Haley & Rev. Sean Neil-Barron

Rev. Gretchen Haley & Rev. Sean Neil-Barron - April 12, 2023

How can we see no stranger?

How can we see no stranger?

This is the first episode of our active hope series, where we're exploring the work of environmental activist, author, and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy. To kick things off, we're drawing on the story of Easter, Trans Day of Remembrance, and the recent expulsion of Tennesee state legislators to examine how we might move our society towards a pivotal moment of transformation by truly recognizing all our fellow humans as kin.

From Series: "Active Hope"

For the month of April, instead of squinting at life’s realities, we’re going to practice seeing with new eyes. Where we recognize one another as kin, no matter what. Where we honor our mutual overwhelm as a powerful first step in moving toward compassion. And where we feel ourselves a part of an inspiring vision where we are enough to bring about change. This April, join us in fostering Active Hope.

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