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We are excited to return to this popular series theme from January 2021, to re-engage its wisdom, and also to pick up on different threads fitting for life in its changes since then.  

Series Offerings

Starting January 15, bring intention into your life by practicing ‘tiny shifts.’ Sign up and receive a 1-minute video every day through February 4. Each video will invite you to make one tiny shift in your day. This isn’t a goal. This isn’t just another ‘task’ to accomplish. This is an invitation to shift your way of being and inspire transformation in steps too small to fail.

Click here to register and receive a daily 1-minute video.

Joining a small group is a small way to make a big impact in your life – setting aside time for regularly scheduled connection, introspection, discussion, belonging, and practice can truly lead to tremendous transformation.

Winter Small groups are starting soon – find your winter small group today.

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