Series Song

The series song for Tiny Revolutions is Changes by Langhorne Slim. 

Foothills Unitarian’s Music Lead Rev. Christopher Watkins Lamb shares why Changes is our series song for Tiny Revolutions:

“Changes is a song made for these times. When I listen to it, I feel borne up, carried along by forces greater than myself. The song expresses hope, bewilderment, and commitment to what is emerging. There’s a quiet movement in the song, inviting us to collectively reflect on how all the tiny changes in our lives and in our world have created what we know today: a place that is strange, sometimes horrifying, often beautiful, and always becoming. The second verse, “I knew it once but I forgot / we want everything but what we’ve got,” serves as a beautiful reminder that time is not linear, but a spiral, and that our task is often to return back to ourselves, back to the present moment. What we need is not in a distant place or time, but right here, right now. I hope you find medicine in this song as we move through our series, Tiny Revolutions.”

Series Offerings

Year Compass is a guided process that invites us to deliberately reflect on the past year then make intentional choices about how to live in 2021. This four-week facilitated experience invites you to unpack your 2020 experience, then look ahead and discern how you want to shift into 2021.

Experience Year Compass in one of two ways:

1. Small-Group Version: Need the accountability of others? Meet weekly with a small group for 45-60 minutes. Share your reflections and benefit from each other’s wisdom and experience.

2. Individual Version: Small groups not for you? Take an individual approach, and join our Year Compass Facebook group for discussion with others on your own time.

Click here to register for either the Small-Group Version or the Individual Version of Year Compass.

Starting January 11, bring intention into your life by practicing ‘tiny shifts.’ Sign up and receive a 1-minute video every day through January 31st. Each video will invite you to make one tiny shift in your day. This isn’t a goal. This isn’t just another ‘task’ to accomplish. This is an invitation to shift your way of being and inspire transformation in steps too small to fail.

Click here to register and receive a daily 1-minute video.

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