We are a church that meets the challenges of now by planting seeds for the future.

  • You can see this in our work with ISAAC and Sanctuary Everywhere – we responded to the crisis of the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant policies by sponsoring the interfaith sanctuary coalition which in turn nurtured that small organization to be able to grow into the primary crisis support for immigrants in Northern Colorado during the pandemic with over $800,000 given out last year! All possible because we saw past the present moment of 2017 to envision a more possible future.
  • You can see this beginning now with our fiscal sponsorship of the BIPOC Alliance.
  • You can see this in our investment in Online Worship and Digital Ministry, our creative return to in-person services, our Wellspring Anti-Racism program…. 

We aren’t just providing tools to manage the present moment (which we are!) we are finding ways to be a part of creating the future.  

The future we are for is more beautiful than any of us can imagine individually. And you can be a part of continuing and growing this visionary work

With your pledge, you help us meet this moment – with all of its continued challenges – and create a more beautiful future. 

We don’t know what the future holds. We never do. But we know that with our partnership, and our continued generosity that is for more than ourselves, and for the common good – we will be unleashing courageous love in new and bolder ways than we can yet imagine.  


“We are witnessing the beautiful unfolding of our son who has participated in the classes at Foothills since he was in diapers. He knows who he is. He knows what he stands for. He is demonstrating healthy boundaries and being courageous.”

“Foothills has served me as an anchor, a source of hope and inspiration, and the connective tissue for emerging and deepening friendships. This community has kept me from despair in these desperate times.”

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