A lesson from 2017

We are a church that meets the challenges of now by planting seeds for the future. In 2017, the Foothills Community responded to the unprecedented election of Donald Trump by giving over $200,000 more than previous years. At the time, we knew we were responding to the likely impacts of the Trump administration on immigrants, people of color, women, climate justice, and personal wellbeing. Yet, we didn’t fully realize just how much that giving in 2017 would prepare us to meet the crises of 2020-2021.

You can see this in our work with ISAAC and Sanctuary Everywhere. We responded to the crisis of the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant policies by sponsoring the interfaith sanctuary coalition. We nurtured that small organization, helping it grow into the primary crisis support for immigrants in Northern Colorado during the pandemic, with over $800,000 given out last year! All possible because in responding to an overwhelmingly dire present moment, we looked out toward the arc of what our community is about… we raised supports and funds for a vision in 2017 that enabled a more impactful future.

We were the first church to offer asylum seeker Ingrid Encalada Latorre sanctuary in 2016 so she would not be deported and separated from her children. The more work we did with her – reaching out to attorneys, talking to legislators – the less sure we were about what the path forward could be for her. Since Ingrid left sanctuary with us in December 2017, she and her children (Bryant, Anibal, and baby Elizabeth) have been in sanctuary at the UU Church of Boulder. That is until last week when Ingrid was finally granted a stay of removal! Ingrid and we never lost faith that a path would emerge. And all the groundwork laid years ago – fundraising, volunteer hours, and other resources – finally paid off.

These stories illustrate the power of preparedness and how by committing now to the future we want, we can effect real change when the moment arises.

In these challenging times, we each have a choice between going into despair and checking out or making choices and commitments that shift the future. As we learned in 2017, where we invest now directly impacts our ability to fully respond to each moment that arises.

The future we are for is more beautiful than any of us can imagine individually. And you can be a part of continuing and growing this visionary work

With your pledge, you help us meet this moment – with all of its continued challenges – and create a more beautiful future.  

We don’t know what the future holds. We never do. But we know that with your partnership and your continued generosity, we will be unleashing courageous love in new and bolder ways than we can yet imagine.  

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