What Captures Your Heart?

Giving Tuesday is all about finding a place to give that captures your heart. It’s about spending money in a way that reflects your deepest values.

At Foothills, our budget reflects our deepest values. From children’s programming to justice work, everything we do is funded by you – our beloved community members. We’re excited to share just a glimpse into the impact we’ve had in 2021 (stay tuned for our full annual report coming next month!):

  • We played a crucial role in launching the Vaccine Equity Coalition, a grassroots effort by local organizations to improve access to the Covid-19 vaccine in BIPOC and Latinx communities. The Spanish-language call line created by the coalition registered 2,700 community members for vaccines, and five community clinics administered 1411 vaccines. And these numbers don’t capture the enormous effort involved in organizing outreach, addressing vaccine hesitancy, 2nd dose reminders, community updates on new variants, and more. Our work helping to form and support the coalition led to us being honored with BizWest’s COVID 19 Health Care Heroes Ally Award. 

  • 267 children and youth participated in our Family Ministry programs so far this year! We offered three in-person outdoor Kids Camps, weekly high school youth group, a Blessing of the Animals, a Blessing of the Backpacks, and 15 middle schoolers participated in our Coming of Age Program. We were also able to relaunch the Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education program, in which 23 8th & 9th graders are currently participating! 

  • From meals and individual outreach to grief support and caring cards, we provided over 600 acts of care. 

  • 280 people participated in a small group. 

  • 198 people were involved with racial justice initiatives, including training, book groups, social change teams, and community partnerships. 

  • We continued to house families experiencing homelessness in our building through our partnership with the Family Housing Network, and we were named Family Housing Network’s Partner Organization of the Year. 

  • Over 1,000 people joined us for one of the 112 Sunday services we’ve held so far this year, and the YouTube videos of our services received over 37,000 views

  • We shared $65,000 with our community partners doing important work, including LGBT support, suicide prevention, and racial justice advocacy.

While 2021 has been a great year of engagement for our church, the Pandemic and all that came with it continue to be difficult for many in our community and beyond. We remain committed to showing up every day to care for each other, to strive for a world free from oppression, and to offer a home away from home where all are welcome to find grounding and belonging. All our work requires funding, and we are working hard to close our budget out strong.

We have set a big goal of raising $10,000 today for Giving Tuesday.

If you have already made an end-of-year gift, thank you. It not only makes a difference for our Foothills Community but also for spreading our progressive values and Courageous Love in Northern Colorado and beyond.

If you haven’t yet made a gift, we hope you’ll consider making a gift to Foothills Unitarian today – but if it’s not us, we still hope you’ll find a place to give that aligns with your hopes for the future. Because together, we can unleash courageous love across Northern Colorado and beyond.

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