Mental Health Resources for Parents and Families

At Foothills Unitarian Church we  honor each individual’s unique mental health journey towards wellness. We envision a world where the Beloved Community: is a place where all members feel welcomed, understood, and held in love; engages in respectful curiosity to understand emotional distress; welcomes open, authentic, and fearless sharing about mental health; and passionately commits to mental health justice.

We know that one of the greatest challenges that a parent can face is when their child is struggling with mental health issues.  

These mental health services for children and youth were curated by UU Directors of Religious Education and resources they found by crowd sourcing from other UU sources


  • Families for Depression Awareness  helps families recognize and cope with depression and bipolar disorder to get people well and prevent suicides

  • Tell My Story An organization with a mission to give every parent the knowledge, tools, and resources
    they need to nurture their children’s mental health.

    • Film Trailer: What I Wish My Parents Knew​  a 45-minute film that explores the inner struggle of children battling depression and anxiety in silence. 10 youth bravely share their pain living in crisis and express their feelings what they wish their families would have known.  To arrange for a screening of the film followed by a discussion, Contact Tell My Story

Books & Articles


  • In California: BrightLifeKids Free Behavioral health coaching for parents, caregivers, and kids 0–12.

  • In California: Soluna Free Confidential support for 13- to 25-year-olds in California. No cost. No pressure. Chat 1:1 with a professional coach, use interactive tools to destress, or explore quizzes, videos, forums, and more. You choose!

  • NotOK App: People set up trusted contacts and can send a digital flare to those contacts if in crisis.


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