By this age your child is talking in looong run-on sentences, paragraphs and wandering monologues. You will be amazed and entertained by the profound and uncensored things they say. If your child is in school they may have a more structured schedule demanding more focused attention. Kids at this age still need lots of time fo unstructured play. If they are in school and competing for attention with a large group of kids they may want your approval, your attention and focus. This is a great time to get involved as a volunteer group leader in your child’s classroom! Our Spirit Play curriculum for this age group offers a peaceful sacred environment and predictable ritual while also offering lots of choices for exploration.

What I’m Like: I’m slowing a little in growth. I have good motor control, but my small muscles aren’t as developed as my large muscles for jumping. My activity level is high and my play has direction. I like writing my name, drawing pictures, making projects, and going to the library. I’m more interested now in doing group activities, sharing things and my feelings. I like quiet time away from the other kids from time to time. I may be anxious to begin kindergarten.

What I Need: I need the opportunity for plenty of active play. I need to do things for myself. I like to have choices in how I learn new things. But most of all, I need your love and assurance that I’m important. I need time, patience, understanding, and genuine attention. I am learning about who I am and how I fit in with others. I need to know how I am doing in a positive way. I understand more about things and how they work, so you can give me a more detailed answer. I have a big imagination and pretend a lot. Although I’m becoming taller, your lap is still one of my favorite places.

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