How to Support Our Community 

Support Foothills and our Outreach 

We continue to live out our mission of unleashing courageous love in these times – through online worship and spiritual practices, Community Circles online support groups, our mobile food bank, and the donation of our building to the Family Housing Network so that houseless families no longer need to rotate churches.  Everything you donate to support Foothills’ work amplifies our capacity to act courageously and with love in these uncertain times. Please go here and select donate to Foothills from the drop down to make a donation  Thank you.


  1. While it is tempting and understandable to respond to this situation by stockpiling our resources or otherwise taking a pause in our generosity – this is a time when we can do so much good by intentionally sharing our resources. We invite us to consider how this time may call us each back to that ancient practice of giving away a small percentage of our resources – money, time, energy, goods – in a very intentional way, so that we all can more fully live.
  2. With this in mind, if you are able, please consider donating to the ministerial discretionary fund.  You can do this by going here.  We will use this to fund to support church members whose employers do not offer sustained PTO or who are vulnerable financially for other reasons in this time, including needing groceries or other critical supplies. Every gift will add up and make it more possible to provide care for each other in this time.


Support Immigrants in our Community 

  1. Fuerza Latina….Fuerza Latina domestic workers have launched a campaign to keep workers who clean homes safe during the COVID-19 epidemic. The ask here is to make a commitment to give all home cleaners a month of paid leave starting NOW. Commit to sharing this request with your friends, family and social circles throughout our community. Read more about the campaign here. And share the campaign via Facebook here. The National Domestic Worker Alliance has some tips and resources for both workers and employers here.Many issues, like evictions, affect our local immigrant populations as well. Fuerza Latina continue to pressure the county to put a moratorium on evictions in the coming months, as we know rent payments will be late with losses in employment. Fort Collins Utilities has made the commitment to suspend utilities shutoffs. You can follow the latest statewide actions on evictions and renters’ rights at 9to5 Colorado’s Facebook Page here. And if you are interested in joining the Fort Collins Rent Strike and Eviction Defense go to their page here.
  2. Colorado People’s Alliance….A petition organized by COPA – Colorado People’s Alliance – directed at Aurora GEO detention center was delivered on March 19th asking for humanitarian parole for vulnerable detainees. To learn more about COVID-19 and detention, watch this informative webinar here by The Justice Collaborative.Stuck at home? Always wanted to learn Spanish? Guatemala is famous for its Spanish language immersion schools. With the pandemic, Guatemalan teachers are afraid their schools will close down. Consider taking online one-on-one online classes to support your Spanish language learning while supporting communities in Guatemala. Here is one example of a Spanish language teaching cooperative in highland Guatemala offering online one-on-one instruction, including Spanish for medical and social workers.


Support People Experiencing Houselessness 

  1. Fort Collins Homeless Coalition….Fort Collins Homeless Coalition has been doing bold and amazing advocacy work on behalf of homeless and housing insecure individuals and families. In conjunction with Homeward Alliance, their work has led to opening Aztlan Center as a warming and day shelter. You can read more about FCHC priorities in the face of Coronavirus.
  2. Family Housing Network….Foothills has agreed to provide shelter for the four families currently in the FHN program so that they will no longer need to rotate churches.  Check out more information about FHN here and volunteer to be a part of our team here.


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