Growing and connecting in our faith identity

Our group for Middle School focus on developing a strong community of care and connection with peers and adult mentors. These experiences help Middle School youth to –

  • Grow in Self Awareness
  • Connect in a Caring Community
  • Experience Mystery and Awe
  • Learn about Unitarian Universalism
  • Live our Foothills mission of “Unleashing Courageous Love in Northern Colorado and Beyond.”


Our group for Middle School youth meets during our 10am Intergenerational Service.

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Have a Middle Schooler?

We can’t wait to meet them and invite them into a strong community of connection and care.


It’s Just a Phase: Middle School

Who is that kid? They are changing so fast I feel like I hardly know them!

In middle school kids are changing incredibly fast—in body, mind, and emotions—you may feel you hardly know them anymore. One day they are as responsible and cooperative as an adult; the next day they are more like a six-year-old. One minute they are sunny and enthusiastic. The next they are gloomy and silent. Keep cool. These kids are in process; they’re becoming more self-sufficient. Their biggest task is checking out what independence feels like.

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