Gender Fluent

As Unitarian Universalists, we proclaim that all genders are sacred and all people are worthy of love and belonging. But living that commitment requires us to learn, unlearn, and deepen our practice of true radical inclusiveness. So we created Gender Fluent, inviting congregations to become:


  1. Curious about gender – yours and other’s – without judgment or assumption
  2. Conversant learning new vocabulary and ways of thinking and talking about gender. No longer letting fear of missteps stop important conversations.
  3. Courageous to speak up and fight back against ideas, laws, and policies that tightly define gender or dehumanize trans and nonbinary people. Courageous to affirm your gender, whatever it is, and to embrace others.

We’re excited to share that we will soon be making our genderfluent curriculum available for other churches to use! The curriculum includes worship service content for four Sundays, small groups facilitation guides, and more. Click the button below to be notified when the curriculum becomes available and check out the content below to get small sample of what you can expect in the curriculum.

We know gender fluency might stretch some more than others, so the curriculum includes guidance on offering and answering an anonymous question box. The GenderFluent curriculum doesn’t leave anyone behind. 

Detailed discussion guide for a two-session mini book club exploring the thought-provoking world of gender while reading ‘Gender(s)’ by Kathryn Bond Stockton, leading queer theorist, nationally-recognized author, and Dean of the School for Cultural and Social Transformation at the University of Utah. The discussion guide is appropriate for people of all knowledge levels and comfort with topics around gender.

A guide for convening a group for Grandparents of Gender-Expansive, Gender-Fluid, Trans, Non-Binary kids and grandkids. In the group, Grandparents are invited to learn together about share stories, support and learning in a safe and affirming environment.

A guide for offering True You, a support group for gender-expansive, gender-fluid, trans, non-binary kids 4-12 years old and their parents. Parents are invited to gather to share stories, support, and learning, while children play and connect in a safe and affirming environment.

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