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Sundays 9:00, 11:00 am MST

In our high school youth group, our youth will experience –

    • Spiritual Development  – Through both individual and group spiritual practices, experiencing awe, gratitude, wonder, appreciation and “at-one-ness.”
    • Beloved Community -By creating deep, affirming, authentic and long-lasting relationships and answering our faith’s calling to work for justice
    • Pastoral Care –  We provide ministerial support for youth who are in crisis, and we celebrate their joys and accomplishments.
    • Faith Exploration – By exploring their beliefs and values through challenging activities and conversations. They will look deep and develop their faith by attending workshops at camps and conferences.
    • Multi-generational Relationships – Connecting with people of all ages in a variety of ways – leading younger kids, building mentor relationships with adults, serving as leaders in worship services and serving in our church and community.
    • Identity Formation – We support youth in their journeys to figure out who they are as spiritual and relational beings, helping them to develop a healthy identity and learn to live with integrity. We affirm and accept all identities and foster a culture of inclusion.
  • Leadership -by serving as empowered and effective leaders in their youth group, and the larger congregation.


Our High School Group

YRUU – Young Religious Unitarian Universalists | Sundays 11:00AM – 12:00PM

YRUU is our high school youth group and meets on Sunday mornings and for fun-social and justice-service activities on weekends and evenings throughout the year. This group emphasizes youth leadership, spiritual development and creating a caring and affirming community for our youth. Members of our YRUU are invited to participate in regional Unitarian Universalist youth conferences and summer camps..

Have a High Schooler?

We can’t wait to meet them and help them claim a deep purpose for their life.