Legacy Giving

an enduring impact on inclusivity, justice, and compassion

At Foothills Unitarian Church, we believe in the transformative impact of courageous love activism and the power of liberal religion. By leaving a legacy gift, you have a remarkable opportunity to ensure that these values continue to flourish and shape the future. 

Your legacy gift will become an enduring symbol of your commitment to inclusivity, justice, and compassion, inspiring future generations. Through your generosity, we can continue building a vibrant community, supporting those in need, and working tirelessly to create a world rooted in love and understanding. Your legacy gift will be the foundation upon which we build a brighter tomorrow, sustaining our mission and the positive change we seek to bring about.

Join us in leaving a lasting legacy that transcends time and empowers future generations to carry the torch in the grand arc of justice.

Forms of Giving:

  • Real Estate (house, vacation home, or land)
  • Valuable Items (artwork, vehicles, jewelry, antiques, or collectibles, which can be sold to support our community’s needs)
  • Stocks and Investments
  • Named Beneficiary (life insurance policy or retirement accounts)
  • Designated Cash Gift

Sample Language to include a gift in your will

I give to Foothills Unitarian Church, located at 1815 Yorktown Ave. in Fort Collins, Colorado using Tax ID # 84-0453854, the sum of $_________________ and/or ______ % of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate.

Vanessa Way, our bookkeeper, is a notary and can provide notary services to church members for free.

Please let us know where you are in the process of legacy giving by filling out this form.

Questions? Contact Katie Watkins | katie@foothillsuu.org | 970-493-5906

Thank you for considering leaving a legacy that will continue transforming lives and creating positive change in our world. Together, we can ensure that our values are passed on to future generations, fostering a society rooted in love, compassion, and justice.

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