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Growing together in body mind and spirit

Our group for Kids in 2nd – 5th grades meets during our Sunday 10am church service. 

This group focuses on developing a strong community of care and connection with peers and adult mentors and provides a spiritually grounding touch point for kids, anchored in relationship, fun, and free exploration. Our Elementary Kids’ Groups will closely follow our church sermon themes – this will allow your family to all grow together as we explore themes as a whole church.

Each Sunday begins with children joining their parents in the sanctuary at 10am for the first 20-30 minutes of the service. Then kids head over to our education building for stories, music, art, active time, and connecting conversations.

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Elementary School – a time of growth and change

Children in elementary school have busy days filled with school, activities, and friends. They have a lot of natural curiosity about living things and enjoy learning new things. They are still impulsive but are beginning to think and plan ahead. They have a thousand questions. As they move into their preteen years, some are still “little kids” and others are quite mature. Some are already entering puberty, with body, emotions, and attitude changes.

Our goal for our Elementary Kids’ group is to provide a safe and welcoming space for children to learn about our Unitarian Universalist values of inclusion and justcie and to begin to explore their own beliefs.

More Resources for Parents

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