Find Your Path: Seeker

Welcome, Seeker. We are all on this winding journey together. Our “Find Your Path” guide isn’t exact, and most will wind back and forth – sometimes circling back and sometimes leaping forward throughout their lifetime spiritual journey. The Seeker map of spiritual deepening below may be a good place for you to find your next step if these statements are true for you:

  • You are new to Foothills Unitarian and/or Unitarian Universalism or am looking to find your place in community.
  • You are curious where this spiritual path leads.
  • You are seeking tools for meaning-making.
  • You are eager for a means to make a difference.
  • You are craving a community of belonging and care.

Find Your Next Step

New around here or wanting to refresh and reconnect? Drop in to any session of this 10-part series of short, after-church workshops to help folks get to know Foothills and Unitarian Universalism, and to help deepen belonging and make that shift from participant to partners. Sessions will include Campus Tours, UU History/Theology, overviews of worship and our typical church year, and more! 

A mini morning retreat to equip you with the tools and relationships to connect into our community, engage Unitarian Universalism, and find your place in our mission. Learn More.

Find spiritual practice groups and resources to help you exercise your grounding, resilience, and freedom. Find your spiritual practice.
Small seasonal groups of 8-10 people explore our service themes together through deep listening and thoughtful, authentic reflection. Learn more.
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