Find Your Path: Guide

Welcome, Guide. We are all on this winding journey together. Our “Find Your Path” guide isn’t exact, and most will wind back and forth – sometimes circling back and sometimes leaping forward throughout their lifetime spiritual journey. The Guide map of spiritual deepening below may be a good place for you to find your next step if these statements are true for you:

  • You want to be an active partner in making the mission of Foothills Unitarian a reality.
  • You are sustaining Unitarian Universalism and the Foothills community.
  • You are growing the impact of Unitarian Universalism.
  • You are leading others in deepening their journey.

Find Your Next Step

As a guide, you are leading others in deepening their journey. Take the next step, and let us know what type of group you’d like to lead.

Classes, workshops, and retreats to help you learn, grow, and take the next steps along your path. Learn More.

A small group experience led by our ministers specifically for group leaders at Foothills Unitarian. Learn more.

A 10-month program of distinctly Unitarian Universalist spiritual development. Learn more.

As a UU, you never stop exercising your grounding, resilience, and freedom. Find a new or deepen your spiritual practice.

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