Middle School Youth at Foothills

Our Middle School Youth Group meets during our 10:30 am church service

This group focuses on developing a strong community of care and connection with peers and adult mentors. We provide a spiritually grounding touch point for kids, anchored in relationship, fun, and free exploration.

What will your youth experience?

In our middle school youth group, your youth in 6th – 8th grade will experience – 

  • Spiritual Development  – Through both individual and group spiritual practices, experiencing awe, gratitude, wonder, appreciation and “at-one-ness.”
  • Beloved Community – By creating deep, affirming, authentic and long-lasting relationships with peers and caring adult group leaders.
  • A Religious Community – Our Middle School Group meets during our 9:30 am Sunday Summer Summer Church services for active learning and connecting conversations. 
  • Values beyond Sundays – This Group closely follows our monthly Church Themes. This will allow your family to have connective conversations between Sundays as we explore church themes and our deepest values together.

Eleanor VanDeusen – Director of Family Ministry and Spencer Hawk lead this group.  Spencer is an experienced Unitarian Universalist Youth Leader who grew up at Foothills.

Register your child for our Middle School Group HERE

Resources for Parents of Middle Schoolers

Gender Spectrum Resources

How can I best raise my gender variant or transgender child with love and compassion, even when I barely understand the issues ahead of us? And what is gender, anyway?

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