Naming & Dedication of Babies

This is the Unitarian Universalist equivalent of baptism! Unitarian Universalists do not believe in the concept of original sin so instead we offer this meaningful ceremony of blessing for children during a Sunday church service. These ceremonies are offered twice per year, once during the winter holiday season and once in the spring. Parents bring their child(ren) forward to be named and blessed by the Ministers and Director of Family Ministry. The congregation also shares a response of commitment to be a community of support for the family and the children. Many families choose to have older children as well as infants participate in the naming and dedication ceremony.

Coming of Age 

Our Coming of Age Program for our 7th and 8th graders is designed to grow and develop Unitarian Universalist identity and faith. This is done through valuing and exploring the values and beliefs the young person already holds at this point in their lives and then identifying intentional steps toward connecting with their congregation in ways that may help sustain a lifelong Unitarian Universalist identity and practice. This program, which takes place in the spring, includes mentor-ship by adult members of Foothills and a credo exploration and writing workshop. We use “credo” to mean a set of beliefs that inform or serve as a guide for one’s actions. The program culminates in a weekend retreat at the Buckhorn Camp and a Coming of Age ceremony at Foothills in mid May.

Senior High Bridging

We honor our high school seniors with a Senior Bridging Ceremony during a church service in mid May. The Bridging Ceremony celebrates the transition of our youth from their high school experience into young adulthood. One of the most important things we can do for our youth is to support them into adulthood, to keep them connected to Unitarian Universalism, and continue to minister to them as they become adults.

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