The symbol of Unitarian Universalism is the Flaming Chalice. The flaming chalice is a cup holding a flame – symbolizing the light of truth, the warmth of love and the energy of positive action.

The flaming chalice has become the shared symbol of Unitarians and Universalists around the world and most Unitarian Universalist churches begin their church service by lighting a chalice. Some families set aside time to be together each week, perhaps on Friday evening at or near sunset, or perhaps on Sunday evening before dinner. These are good times to pause and catch your breath as a family, while you light a candle or a flaming chalice.

Read this book for children about the Flaming Chalice – A Cup of Light

Chalice lighting words for families

For younger children:

We are Unitarian Universalists.
(Make U’s by cupping each hand)
We are the church of the open mind,
(Touch your hands to your head)
The loving heart,
(Put your hands over your heart)
And the helping hands.
(Put your hands in front of you palms up)
Together we care for our earth
(Make a circle with your arms over your head)
And work for friendship and peace in our world
(Hold hands with your neighbors)

~ Gaia Brown

 For older children:

We light this chalice for the light of truth.
We light this chalice for the warmth of love.
We light this chalice for the energy of action.

~ Mary Anne Moore

You can make your own chalice with a flower pot!

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