Sharing of Joys and Sorrows

“We listen to each other, it is a holy act

To share our joys and sorrows,

with grace it flows on back.”


Sharing Joys and Sorrows is a beautiful way for your family to share a simple ritual, listening deeply to each other for what is on the mind and heart of each family member. You can add a physical element to joys and sorrows by dropping a stone or a glass bead into a bowl of water for each joy or sorrow, or you can light a votive candle for each joy or sorrow.



First invite each family member to share something they are feeling joy and gratitude for. This makes room to notice the good things all around us even though times are hard.


Next we share something or someone you feel sad or worried about.  It could be about how we are feeling or it can also be a way to bring the struggles of others into our hearts, maybe a grandparent who is in danger of getting sick or hospital workers who are putting their health at risk for the sake of the rest of us.


Check out this blog post about Family Joys and Sorrows written by our Family Ministry Coordinator, Lauren Farley

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