Green Sanctuary 2030

The climate emergency is a defining survival and justice issue of our time, calling us to immediate action. Foothills is responding to the call and mobilizing for Climate Justice with Green Sanctuary 2030. The Green Sanctuary program, which is part of Foothills Unitarian’s Climate Justice Ministry will engage the Foothills congregation in personal and community actions that focus on climate justice, resilience, and mitigation strategies honoring the interconnected web of life and promoting our vision of a just and regenerative world for all.

There are our three main Green Sanctuary 2030 campaigns:


“Foothills Unitarian congregation will commit to reduce the causes of global warming and severe climate impacts and to make possible a transition to a regenerative and just future for all.”


“Foothills Unitarian congregation will foster the skills of personal resilience, weave strong webs of community resilience, and advocate for greater resilience in our infrastructure and natural systems.” 


“Foothills Unitarian congregation will support communities impacted by pollution and climate change through establishing working partnerships with local organizations leading efforts to address historical and cultural inequalities.”

The Green Sanctuary Program is a five-stage accreditation process, and here is our progress:
Stage 1: Congregational Profilecompleted
Stage 2: Opportunity Assessmentcompleted
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