Adult OWL

We will be offering the new Older Adult OWL Course for the first time in early 2023.

The Older Adult OWL Course addresses Sexuality and Values; Attitudes about Aging; Examining Sexual Scripts; The Sexual Body; Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity; Intimacy; Sexual Consent and Boundaries; Family Matters; Sexuality and Loss; Reframing Sexuality, Disability, and Chronic Illness; Body Image; Dating as an Older Adult; Safer Sex; and Sex Play Beyond Basics. The curriculum encourages multigenerational communication with family members or others who play a significant role in the participants’ lives. The course is recommended for adults age 50+.

The course will include 12 to 14 workshops.

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The Young Adult OWL Course helps participants navigate young adulthood with accurate information, increased self-knowledge, enhanced safety and strengthened interpersonal skills. 

We will not be offering the Young Adult OWL Course in 2023

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