Our Story Since 1898

It’s the story of regular people searching for something more.
More justice in our streets.
More joy in living.
More care for our neighbours.
More connection in our families.
More compassion in the public square.
More depth inside of selves.
More celebration of our differences.

From the very beginning in 1898, we wagered that together we could confront the disconnection that permeates life with love. Because Love Unites Us All.

The late 1890s saw the circuit riding Rev. Anna Jane Norris preaching the gospel of progressive religion up and down the front range. Her message caught hold and in 1898 Unity Church (Unitarian) was formed by progressive members of the community including the faculty at the agricultural college. The church joined the American Unitarian Association connecting itself to the wider movement.

The Congregational-Unitarian Church was formed in 1931 when Unity Church (Unitarian) and the First Congregational Church joined in a “cooperative enterprise” to ensure the survival of liberal religion in Fort Collins. That church later disaffiliated with the Congregationalist Church (United Church of Christ) to affiliate solely with the Unitarian Universalist Association and, in 1968, formed the present Foothills Unitarian Church

Our Unitarian and Universalism Roots

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