Worship With Us at Foothills


Join us on Sunday mornings: 8:30 AM & 10:00 AM & 11:30 AM


A Time to Reflect

A Time to Connect

A Time to Grow in Love

What Should I Wear?

We are a pretty relaxed church. You will find some of us wear suits or dresses to church while others will show up in cycling clothes or t-shirts. Please feel free to wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.



Missed A Sunday?


Audio recordings of past sermons are available or at our podcast website. You can also check out our livestream feed. Many of Rev. Haley’s sermons can be found online on her blog.

What is the worship experience like? Do children participate?

Our Children & Youth join their families in the Sanctuary for the first 20 minutes of Worship one Sunday each month.

All ages are always welcome in worship and Religious Exploration Programs.

Our Sunday services include lots of music – we’ll sing as a whole congregation, or hear from our incredible choir, or from a special guest musician.  Our services run about an hour, and include lighting our chalice, offering prayers and a time of meditation, readings and a sermon from one of our ministers.  We take up an offering that we share with a community organization in Northern Colorado who shares our values, and we will often take a moment to welcome everyone and affirm our covenant.

chaliceOur Vespers Services (Thursday evenings in the fall and winter months) are more contemplative, quiet, and held in the round for a more intimate feel.  There is fewer words, more silence, and more repetitive music.  We light candles and share in rituals around the monthly theme.

What does it mean to worship as a Unitarian Universalist?

A question often asked of Unitarian Universalists is: “If you don’t all believe in the same God (or for some, any God at all), what are you worshiping?”
The word “worship,” though, comes from “worth-ship.” In our congregations, worship is not about bowing down to a deity, but instead, considering what is of worth.
Worship, is our opportunity to contemplate what is most worthy in our lives, to discover anew what we value most deeply, to recognize how to align our true values with our actions – indeed, to find what is sacred to us in our lives and to consider how we wish to relate and respond to what we find sacred.
In addition to our regular worship, you will find that we weave worship into other parts of church life. Moments of worship will often begin our leadership meetings, our workshops, and our small groups. These opportunities connect us to our reasons for gathering, to awaken a sense of being connected to something larger.
Unitarian Universalists have a long history of protecting what we call freedom of the pulpit, that is the right of the ministers to speak the truth as they best discern it, according to their own conscience. And yet, shared ministry also extends to Worship. In our congregation, the primary lay body partnering in the area of worship is our Worship Learning Community.

How often should I attend worship?
We encourage everyone to attend worship regularly – at least 3 times every month. This experience cements the bonds of community, and keeps our attention directed to our highest values while nurturing our spirits. Regular attendance takes a commitment from everyone in your family, of all ages, but this is just the thing that makes this a path of transformation. It requires intention and change in habits. It sets us on a new path. Also, we notice that irregular attendance makes connection difficult as you continue to feel like a visitor. This is especially hard for children and youth as they always feel a little like an outsider.
Do you only worship on Sundays?

No! We offer variety of worship experiences for all ages!

  • Vespers / Contemplative Evening Services held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. from October through April
  • Children’s Worship Circle – each Sunday as a part of Children’s Religious Exploration
  • We offer a variety of Spiritual Practices
  • Transition Rituals – Weddings, Civil Unions, Memorials, Naming Ceremonies – Contact Rev. Gretchen Haley, Senior Minister at gretchen@foothillsuu.org for more information
  • Christmas Eve Services at 5:00, 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. and other special holidays.