Looking at the data for worship since 2008, we realized that we have been regularly hovering at or near 80% full for the majority of the last 8 years.  Importantly, we understand that once we hit 80% of our capacity, people get the subconscious message that there is not enough room for them, and begin to self-select away from attending.  The only way to solve and address this is to create more capacity – more space – on Sunday.  

Attendance this fall is greater than it has been for at least the last four years, but if we want to retain this growth, we need to make the space for those who long to join in community.This means that our primary goal is to make the space to serve more people on Sunday morning, grounded in our mission to unleash courageous love.  

Our secondary goals include:

      • Experimenting and learning so that we can prepare for a longer term 3rd service effort
      • Practicing doing something hard (but right) together
      • Growing a culture of shared ownership and reducing our “consumerist” orientation
      • Norming feedback as regular and non-anxious and keeping us in a learning/experimentation mode