Great questions! The need for a bigger church space has been on people’s minds since around 2007, when leaders in the church last looked into options for expansion….until the economic the crash of 2008 put these plans on hold.  In the past few years, conversation about the need for a larger building have again been resurfacing.  Still, occupying a new building (however that may happen) is not a short term process – more like 5 to 7 years! In the meantime we need to welcome in the people who are already here, now.

The question of “starting a new church” is a complicated one – but asks us to consider questions like, who would go to the other church, and why? People don’t tend to pick churches just for which one is closer, but rather based in where their friends are attending.  For that reason, it’s unlikely we could persuade a random division of members to attend a different campus.  On the other hand, the population of northern Colorado is growing exponentially, and so we should be thinking about additional sites that could gather and connect Unitarian Universalists across our area who aren’t already attending Foothills, but might appreciate a Unitarian Universalist gathering in their neighborhood.  It’s just that this is a both/and issue rather than an either/or.