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Reserve a Room at Foothills

Want to book a room for your Foothills affiliated group, team, or committee? Fill out the room booking form.

Want to rent Foothills for your private event? Read about our rental opportunities. 

Getting the word out / Communication

Want to promote your event to the Foothills Community? Share it with us

Have a volunteer opportunity for Foothills members? Let us know. 

Have an Idea for Something New at Foothills?

Do you have a new idea for something that Foothills should do? Explore our Making It Happen Process.

Foothills Governance and Policies

Read about Foothills Governance practices and committees.

Read about our Shared Leadership, our board and our committees 

Access the Foothills Digital Archive includes Congregational Governance documents, Policies, Procedures, Informational Forum handouts. 

Donations and Financial Giving

Feel move to invest in our church by making a donation? Donate on our secure website or contact the church office. 

Make a pledge

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Donate a Car

Foothills Endowement Committee 

Donate Stock