Here for Sunday Worship?

Foothills Sunday Worship 9:00AM Service can be accessed here or by calling 669-900-6833 (meeting ID: 568-435-0726#)

Other Events:

If you are looking to attend your scheduled meeting, please find the correct Zoom room on the table at the bottom of this page
and click the corresponding link below to enter your Zoom room at the time of your meeting.
Please only click these links if your meeting is listed on the table below.*


Click here for Zoom Room 4 – Meeting ID: 456-604-5373#
Click here for Zoom Room 5 – Meeting ID: 794-602-9710#
Click here for Zoom Room 6 – Meeting ID: 689-351-2302#
Click here for Zoom Room 7 – Meeting ID: 514-913-9086#
Click here for Zoom Room 8 – Meeting ID: 240-482-3447#
Click here for Zoom Room 9 – Meeting ID: 341-835-1378#
Need to call into your room using a telephone?
Dial (346) 248-7799 and enter the correct Meeting ID (found above) when prompted on the phone. 

*Need a Zoom room reservation? Fill out this form (