My Favorite Part of Future Tense (and That I’m Relieved is Over): Future Tense, week 4

I’ve loved labyrinths for a long time, especially since a walk I took through the labyrinth at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland about 10 years ago. It was a time of major transition in my life, and turning through its tangles as the sun was setting one evening felt like unraveling my heart. I felt connected and alive and open to all that life would bring next.

Is Amazon Prime the Best, or Worst, Idea Ever? (Future Tense: week 3)

Earlier this week, Carri and I decided to make some organizational improvements to our bathroom. We did all the research – checked out prices, read all the articles about organizations, figured out a budget, all in an afternoon. And then, in a few clicks, we ordered about 8 different things within 2 days later, with free shipping!

We Keep Finding the Future in the Past (Future Tense: week 2)

I so enjoyed our first “Throwback Sunday” this past week, with Sean engaging Rev. Walter “Roy” Jones, Jr.’s sermon from 1983, “Faith for the Long Haul; Faith for Right Now.” If you missed any of the three services, you can check out the podcast recordings in the links below.

The Other F Word (Future Tense: week 1)

After Nate Donovan’s capital campaign testimony last Sunday, a few folks asked me if he almost said “the f word.” I laughed and said, well, I guess it would’ve been Nate’s “f word.” Midway through, see, he said, “this is our chosen f-f-f—I can’t say that word!…spiritual tradition.”

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