Bring a bit of nature’s regenerating magic inside by planting wheatgrass! You can grow a centerpiece, a tiny meadow in your windowsill, or even a living Easter basket! These amazing seeds sprout within days, and will grow into a tall forest of grass in just a few weeks!

After the long Winter, Spring always comes, and insists on regenerating the world! The sunshine lasts longer each day, trees push out fuzzy buds with fresh new leaves curled up inside, and tiny sprouts are peeking up through the cool dirt.  These signs of new life don’t feel so tiny. We are ready to wake up and feel the sun on our skin too,  full of energy that buzzes inside, ready to burst into life like a sprout breaking open a seed, or a bud bursting into flower. We feel the same longing that all seeds do – even as life asks us to be patient again and again, we are ready to partner with the Earth, push out through the heaviness and transform into whatever’s coming next for us, bringing more beauty, more light, more life into the world.


  • Wheatgrass seeds (sold either is seed packets, or less expensively in the bulk aisle of the grocery store as “wheat berries”)
  • Potting soil
  • Growing container – a basket, flower pot, or any wide shallow container
  • Basket liner – aluminum foil and plastic grocery bags work well!
  • Spray bottle or small watering can
  • Decorations – Stones, tiny figurines, artificial flowers, Easter eggs…whatever you like!
  1. Line your container to keep water from dripping through.
  2. Add a shallow layer of soil. Just a few inches is fine.
  3. Spread seeds closely together across the surface of the soil – the closer together they are, the more densely your grass will grow. 
  4. Spray with water until damp but not soaking, or water very gently with a watering can
  5. Keep your container in a sunny location and watch your grass grow! Spray or gently water again every few days. Wheatgrass sprouts in just a day or two, and gets visibly taller each day. As it grows, you can “mow” it with scissors. Many people love to juice wheatgrass, or add it to their smoothies! Note* wheatgrass should not be eaten by folks who are gluten intolerant.
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