[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Rev. Angela Herrera


When you arrive at the store and can’t remember why,

 and you forget the vet appointment and almost 

miss the dentist, even though they called you yesterday, 

and the bills are late and your kids need homework help 

and you are behind at work and haven’t 

exercised in weeks, 

and you’ve been eating fast food while vegetables 

wilt in your fridge and your garden is turning into 

compost and the one time you try to cook you leave 

the granola in the toaster oven, setting the damn 

thing on fire, 

and you double book yourself again and laundry 

forms mountains around your home and you begin

 to look askance at your beloved because you haven’t 

had fun together since you can’t remember when, 

and then, just as you are starting to wonder about

signs of dementia, you find yourself placing a metal

spoon in the microwave and turning it on…

Just breathe.

Sometimes it takes a little craziness to get your attention.

The prophet Elijah fled from a hundred pursuers. He hunkered down in a cave on the wind-whipped mountainside, trembled through an earthquake, and shielded his face from a wildfire. He looked for God in the chaos. But when the storms blew over, when the shaking stilled and the flames died down, he crouched, panting, and thinking he’d missed it, his heart pounding in his ears. Then he finally noticed the still small voice. 

The holy waits in your world, too. Maybe today it will find you in a listening posture, and will whisper to you. 

“You tumble like a leaf,” it will say. 

“And yet by some miracle you are still here. Now what is the purpose

 of that?”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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