[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dear Foothills Families,

Here we are, still waiting…waiting for spring, waiting for vaccines, waiting for our children to go back to school, waiting to be together again. In this spirit of waiting, we’re beginning our next worship series, titled “Tough Love.”

We don’t mean “tough love” in that old sense of strict parenting with harsh consequences. We mean tough as in resilient and sustainable, tough love that keeps showing up, even when it’s hard. This kind of tough love helps us to live grounded in our values and enables us to guide our families and partner with others to work for justice and liberation. This kind of tough love also sets boundaries, and must sometimes step away and let go to give ourselves the time and space to recharge. And just in case you haven’t made the connection, “tough love” is the Courageous Love that we talk about in our services every Sunday.

From now until April, we invite your family to join us as we explore “Tough Love” in its many forms. We’ll explore endurance, boundaries, connection, celebration, repair, imagination, persistence, and transformation. These times call for a tough love for ourselves, for our families and for the future vision of the beloved community that we are building together.


Here is a quick summary of our Tough Love Series offerings for families.


Our new Family Room Text Subscription

Interested in receiving our new Family Room text subscription but didn’t receive our invitation? You can opt in by simply texting the keyword “FamilyRoom” to 97000.
Twice a week we’ll send you blessings, encouraging words, or helpful resources to bring Unitarian Universalism into your home and family life.

Sunday morning Activities for Kids and Families

February 14th        All Ages Service at 9am on Zoom or 11am on Facebook Live

February 21st        Kids’ Activity on Zoom 10:15 am – Love Superheroes!

March 7th              Kids’ Activity on Zoom 10:15 am – Something fun! tbd

March 14th            All Ages Service Celebrating our one-year anniversary of going online

March 21st            Kids’ Activity on Zoom 10:15 am – Something fun! tbd

Every Sunday 11:30 am High School Yuuth Gruup!


Tough Love Valentines

We have made some sheets of Tough Love Valentines and coloring sheets. Just click these links to download and print them.

Worthy of Love Coloring Sheet

Tough Love Valentines

Color them in, cut them out and glue them onto cards, personalize them with your own words.

You might want to give these to your kids to work as you watch the February 14th service!

Sending love to all of you

Eleanor Van Deusen – Director of Family Ministry

Lauren Farley – Family Ministry Coordinator[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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