Hello friends,

You have all been on our hearts and minds as we have moved through this very difficult year.

We have watched you balance so many hard things – staying at home and missing community, working from home while helping your kids with online school, cancelled family plans, the stress of worry about the pandemic and family member’s health, and so much more.

We are with you and want you to know that we are just a phone call, text message or email away if there is any way that we can support you.

As the year turns we have been thinking about how we might provide you with spiritual support in this deep winter season when we are still needing to isolate.

At the beginning of a new year, we are often encouraged to set goals or make resolutions for what we are going to do to make ourselves better or happier. The problem is that setting a goal can lead us down the path towards the judgment of how things “should be,” and with judgment comes stress, anxiety, and even depression.

For this reason, we have developed our January Church Theme – titled “Tiny Revolutions.”

We are inviting you, instead of setting goals, to join us in imagining what we would like our families to feel like, to set some clear intentions for our family lives. Then to think of some micro shifts that we could make in our family rhythms to move us toward those intentions. Think of those shifts as being so small, so teeny tiny, that you can’t possibly fail.

This Tiny Revolutions Family Guide gives you a process to try with your family. We have made it very simple so that it doesn’t feel like a big lift, but rather a way for your family to have a meaningful conversation together. We encourage you to use this guide whenever and however feels right for your family. Instructions are on the back of this letter and we have included a blank guide for you to fill out.

We are missing all of you so much and longing for the time we can be back together. Here’s to a much healthier and happier year ahead!


Your Family Ministry Team,


Eleanor VanDeusen – Director of Family Ministry,  eleanorv@foothillsuu.or   970-213-0983


Lauren Farley – Family Ministry Coordinator,  lauren@foothillsuu.org   301-346-4986


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