Kindergarten – “the age of memorable statements”

By this age your child is talking in looong run-on sentences, paragraphs and wandering monologues. You will be amazed and entertained by the profound and uncensored things they say. If your child is in school they may have a more structured schedule demanding more focused attention. Kids at this age still need lots of time […]

Age 1 – 2 the phase when nobody is on time

Age 1 – 2 – the phase when nobody is on time We know that it is really hard (make that impossible) to be on time when your child is in this phase. Maybe your child filled a clean diaper just as you were headed out the door and it takes extra time to gather […]

Birth to Age 1 – “The Phase When Nobody Sleeps”

At this phase, sleep is a precious commodity and parents are spending most of their time comforting their babies and helping them sleep longer so that they can sleep longer. We know that getting to church can be really hard at this phase and we are here to help. We welcome babies in our Sanctuary [...]
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