Disciplined Practice Guide

Disciplined Practice Guide Prayer Bead Practice audio (download) (listen) Text COMMIT to 970-00 for reminder texts.

5 Catalysts for Spiritual Deepening

Introduction Progressives value differences. It makes us stronger, more resilient, more creative. Because we each hold a piece of the truth. So, we demand a path spacious enough to sustain a community of radiant difference. Thus, fashioning a culture that invites all people along a journey of spiritual deepening can be daunting. Our paths and [...]

Guide: Faith for the Unbeliever

Download Guide Faith for the Unbeliever is an invitation to understand faith to be less about what we believe in, and more about how we live and the choices we make.  Using Rev. Daniel Kanter’s book as a reflection tool, this curriculum invites the group to consider what living faithfully could mean for Unitarian Universalists focusing [...]

Guide: Compassion with Boundaries

Download Guide Boundaries and compassion are not antithetical; they are in fact essential for real and sustainable compassion. This curriculum explores the concepts of self-differentiation and draws heavily from Brene Brown. Between each session, the group is invited into an intentional practice of compassion with boundaries. Session Overviews: Session 1: Boundaries First Session 2: Practicing [...]

Guide: Beloved Community?

An experience of questions and exploration for examining the relationship between Unitarian Universalism and the ideal of Beloved Community. Created and developed for Foothills by Rev. Theresa I. Soto Four Sessions with video lessons. Download Guide
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