Talking about death, grief and loss

To be human is to know loss, and indeed, the more fully human we are, the more loss we will know and the deeper we will feel the losses; for the more we love and care, the more we have to lose. All the things to which we become attached are transient; they pass; they […]

Parenting in Troubling Times

Hateful violence and calamitous natural disasters touch all of us. Hearing about about scary events can leave children feeling unnerved, angry, or shaken. One need not have directly suffered from a natural disaster to be frightened, angered, or upset by nature’s power to cause harm. Parents want to help our children emotionally and spiritually process what is happening in and outside […]

Parents as Spiritual Guides

UU World Family pages  a monthly insert in the UU World magazine. Every issue of UU World print magazine includes a pull-out, full color section of timely, fun, and faith-building activities and stories to share at home. The Gift of Faith  by UUMinister Jeanne Niewejaar celebrates the importance of nurturing children’s spiritual growth. The book explores ways to […]

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