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Foothills Ministers and Staff – March 10, 2023

Bonus Episode: Gender Question Box

Bonus Episode: Gender Question Box

Rev. Sean Neil-Barron, Rev. Gretchen Haley, and religious educators Lauren Farley and Eleanor VanDeusen answer questions about gender submitted by community members. Some questions we answer are: How can we center all the different needs in the fight for gender equity? Will we be targeted for taking a pro-trans and nonbinary stance? How are cis-gender kids affected by movements focusing on gender-expansive kids?

From Series: “GenderFluent

As Unitarian Universalists, we proclaim that all genders are sacred and all people are worthy of love and belonging. But living that commitment requires us to learn, unlearn, and deepen our practice of true radical inclusiveness. This February, we invite you to become Gender Fluent: Curious about gender – yours and other people’s – without judgment or assumption Conversant learning new vocabulary and ways of thinking and talking about gender. No longer letting fear of missteps stop important conversations. Courageous to speak up and fight back against ideas, laws, and policies that tightly define gender or dehumanize trans and nonbinary people. Courageous to affirm your gender, whatever it is, and to embrace others.

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