Series Introduction

Share the Plate recipient for The Play Button is the Food Bank of Larimer County. On October 9, 2016, Foothills hosted the very first “mobile food pantry” in Larimer County.  We provide equipment, space, and volunteer staff to operate this food distribution to our friends and neighbors who struggle to feed their families. We also provide funds to cover a portion of the food that is distributed.  Since the start of Pandemic, We have adapted our Mobile Pantry to a Drive-Thru model, serving over 100 families every time!

Series Song

Series Offering

The Foothills Ultimate Fun Face-Off (aka FUFF) is a congregation-wide challenge to have as much fun as possible together during series: The Play Button!

After you join, you will select one of two teams. Alongside your new teammates, you will compete in a series of weekly challenges.

No matter how old you are, how mobile, or how much time you have, there will be a way each week to help your teams score big!

Because each challenge you complete earns your team points. The team with the most points at the end of the month wins our grand prize!

We know church isn’t usually the place you go to express your competitive spirit but, we can’t think of a more worthy reason to get competitive than FUN. The more people join the more fun we will have! Trust us, start recruiting your friends and click the button below to join!

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